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Moving Back In With Your Parents After University

Two female friends moving houseNot long to go until another year of university comes to an end – and for many of you, this will be your last year of studying. The question is – where will you go next?

For most of you – the only option will be to move back home – this isn’t a first choice for most graduates. But faced with a daunting combination of high student debts, expensive housing and lack of employment opportunities, more and more find it’s the only option.

After getting used to living by yourself and making your own decisions, now is the time to go back. However over the past 3 or 4 years, you’re bound to have built up a lot of clutter therefore the toughest job when you move back home will be finding a place for everything.

Moving back into your old room will seem like you’re going back in time. And if you know you’re going to be living at home for a while then it’s best to consider how you and your belongings will fit in comfortably, here are just a few of our ideas….

With enclosed storage…

Space is always going to be limited when you move back home – so it’s important to think cleverly and consider how you are going to organise certain areas of your room. One the best ways is to think about what you have, and then you can choose the units that are most appropriate for your bedroom and your belongings.  Using a Shelfstore solution will help you to achieve just that!

A desk/storage units is perfect to store your laptop books, DVD’s and CD’s – however if you have huge collections then it might be worth getting a bookcase to store them all on. For stuff that you want to keep hidden away you can use under the bed boxes – a perfect place storage and for keeping your things neatly folded away.

With some upcycling…

Now that you’re moving back home – you’re likely to have changed in the time that you were away – you will have outgrown things you once liked before you left for university. Therefore now is the time to let your creative loose and think about how you can personalise your space.

Upcycling is a great hobby and a way to save money – which, let’s face it is something you’ll need at this moment and time. If you’re bored with the colours in your room why not give some of your furniture a lick of paint.

Don’t forget the finishing touches…

Your parents may have thought you were leaving for good – but now that your back, it’s time to hide that magnolia wall and choose some funky wall art to add a splash of personality to the room. It’s still your room after all.

So that’s everything you need to help make the transition from home to house, back to home again. And remember it’s only temporary!



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