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Out With The Old And In With The New

Messy workplaceThis is a good motto for many areas of your life and it can be crucial for making your home more efficient and attractive. An important part of sweeping out the old is strategizing about what and how to purge.

We’re not just talking an annual deep clean of your home – but a mind-set change in the way you think about clutter and organising going forward.

Just as there are rules for tossing expired food out of the fridge, there are also expiration dates for many things in your home. Now is the time to ask yourself…

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Is organising and decluttering your home a constant worry?
  • Are you continually cleaning, but your home is never really tidy?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you could benefit from having a declutter.

The secret to dealing with clutter and changing your life is to realise that you don’t need as much stuff, and by having less, you are opening your life up to help create an environment that will allow you to flourish and reach your homes’ greatest potential.

Holding on to anything that doesn’t have a working role in your home won’t allow you to create new space for anything new to come into your life – therefore when bring new things in, you’ll need to bring old things out.

The Golden Rule

The secret to decluttering is to create a pleasing and efficient organising system in each of your storage areas – this includes places like shelves, your wardrobe, your home office, cupboards etc.

In order to make sure you never allow these areas to fill up – it’s important to leave at least 10% empty space – that’s your space for newness to come into your life.

Once you have gone through all the items you no longer need, it might be work re thinking about the way your home is organised. Bringing in new storage solutions to your home could be the answer to housing all the items you want to keep and keeping those areas clutter free!

We can help you design your very own made to measure system via our online design wizard. All you have to do is choose the width, depth and height to suit your personal requirements.



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