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Décor Tips to Make a Lasting Impression on your Partner this Valentine’s Day!

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and we thought we’d share something a little different.

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We all know how important first impressions are, but what about how important they are when you’re bringing someone to your home for the first time… .

Having the perfect home décor should be enough to impress your guest – or at least enough to keep you both feeling comfortable in your home.

Think about it – your home is an expression of yourself and the place to really let your style run free. It’s all about decorating to impress – making it welcoming to guests as well as a physically manifestation of you.

So if you’ve just met someone and will be showing them your home for the first time – start thinking about the consequences of a messy apartment – do you want to make a lasting impression on your guest?

Start thinking about whether your home décor is helping or hurting your romantic life! See our following tips on how your home can make a positive and lasting impression on your guest.

Home Décor Tips:

  • Decorating

Decorate to impress! Make sure your decorating style has been planned out well – enough to show off your personality as well as impressing your guests.

Just whatever you do, try not to leave the walls bare! This can give the impression that you’re not good at expressing yourself – or that you simply don’t care about putting time into something!

Tip:  Go for soft cool colours like blues and greens – they give the impression of personalities that are introverted and shy. They’re also calming colours to make your guest feel relaxed.

  • Clutter free

Clutter is so not sexy! Be sure to quickly tidy up before your guest comes over! Keep things like newspapers and magazines somewhat out of the way; don’t leave them tossed around the living room. Having clutter around the house is not just physical, it also causes stress – therefore having a clean and tidy room is crucial for making it easier for anyone to relax.

If clutter is a recurring theme in your home – then think about investing in furniture with storage. Having a home office system is ideal for getting rid of all that paperwork you don’t want your guest to see, or perhaps you have a book collection that is crowding your shelves – a simple bookcase will do the trick. Just make sure that everything is stashed away neatly whether it’s on shelves or in any other kind of storage system.

  • Cleanliness

Having a clean home is important – you want your guest to feel welcome, so keep it looking clean and fresh – but don’t overdo it with the chores! You don’t want your guest to be thinking that you’re a complete neat freak!

Tip for bachelors: Apparently bachelor pads are known to be the dirtiest of homes – containing 15 times the amount of bacteria found in the homes of bachelorettes (tut tut) – so just be sure to give it a clean if you’re looking to impress this Valentines!

  • Pictures

Photos of family and friends displayed around your home are a great way to show that you care, and who you care about! They can also be a great conversation starter to fill those awkward silences on first dates.

One thing we will say though is that although we all love to share pictures of some of our favourite moments and our loved ones – try not to go overboard with it! Too many pictures lingering around can be uncomfortable.

We hope these tips make a lasting impression on your partner this Valentines! Or if you haven’t got any plans for the big V Day – then at least these can help make a more positive impression on any future guests you have round.

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

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