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Three Ways To Make Use Of Wooden Toy Boxes

Toys – sometimes it feels like they are everywhere.

If you’re a parent then you’ll be able to relate to this problem and have probably already tried to do something about it. But somehow, your kids’ toy collections seem to keep spiralling out of control.

If this is the case, then you need to start considering a storage solution that is not only easily accessible but one where your kids can only get a few out at a time. And what better way than with the wooden toy box!

Here are just a few practical ways you could be making use of toy boxes to minimise the toy clutter in your home:

One toy box per toy set

Organising toy sets such as trains and train tracks, doll accessories, Lego, building blocks or dress up sets, are great for playtime and also promote sharing between kids. But the biggest advantage of these sets is that they’re so much easier to clear up – and this is because they can be organised into categories – where you have one wooden toy box per toy set. Try it – not only will you be able to keep your toy sets organised but you’ll keep them together without any getting lost.

img007Storage boxes with wheels

Storage boxes with wheels can be used for toy rotation. You might want to encourage your child to play with a variety of different things for example you might have the learning toy box, the box that inspires imagination or a box full of manipulatives etc. This way you’ll have several sets of toys ready to be pulled out and rotate

storage bins 1 A way to keep your shelving/storage unit organised.

The great thing about using wooden toy boxes on your shelving unit is that – not only do they organise your children’s toys but it’s also a great part of your home decorating – leaving your shelves looking less cluttered. This also makes all of the toys accessible so that you or your child can easily grab all the toys they want to play with.

storage bins 2Having the perfect storage solutions in place to keep on top of the toy clutter is only the beginning – you then have to put some ground rules down. Keep an eye out for our blog on rules for keeping your kids clutter to a minimum.




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