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Give Your Home Some Personality

We recently came across an article via The Telegraph which talked about the latest interior design fashions and the importance of creating a sense of soul in your home.

That “lived-in” feel is created by knick-knacks, photographs and paintings displayed throughout the house, and while your “art collection” may or may not help to sell your property eventually, it will give it a personality – The Telegraph.

This got us thinking about the different ways you can give your home personality and how Shelfstore can help along the way. Remember it’s not all about expense or extravagance but about the way you display it…

Hanging art

When it comes to displaying art in your home, it needs to be somewhere that people are likely to see it so that it can be appreciated. By hanging your artwork in your hallway, living room, or bedroom – you’ll give these cosy rooms an extra bit of warmth they need. Just be sure to hang it somewhere it’s going to stand out – somewhere like the picture below…

Road picture in vertical art frame on wall. Sofa, lamp, plant, glasses, book, coffee on table in living room interior.Displaying your artwork

When it comes to displaying your art, you need to consider somewhere that is not only going to look good but somewhere that is able to house all those things you claim to love. Pictures and artwork on shelves is not only a great way to organise your favourite pieces, but it’s somewhere you know they’re going to be seen by all.

Wohnzimmer in Wohnung - Small living room

There are many other different ways to display the things that you love – these are just two of our favourite ways. Tweet us your favourites via @Shelfstore.



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