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Five Steps To Having A Clutter Free Home

Do you ever dream about your home looking like those beautiful, clutter free spaces you see in magazines? Wanting to free up your space – and your life?

It can very easily be done! Freeing your home from overwhelmingly huge amounts of stuff doesn’t need to take superhuman effort. All you really need is a little commitment to some basic principles. We’ve put together five easy tips on how you can conquer the clutter and keep your home looking fresh and spotless all year round.

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Clear out one area at a time

Instead of setting a whole day to try and get rid of the things you think you no longer need, try spreading it out to one area a day. A few hours a day to tackle that cluttered area is enough time to concentrate on what you want to keep and what you don’t.

Purge as often as you can

Living with less means you’ll be able to find things more quickly and it’ll be a whole lot easier to clean. Even if you think you have many things that comfortably fit your space, stuff has a way of accumulating. Therefore it’s important to spend some time on those busier places in your home – pay particular attention to the garage, loft, home office, wardrobes and storage spaces.

Make sure everything has a home

Try to decide what goes where based on proximity and ease of use. Try labeling where it makes sense so that everyone in your home will find it easy to return items to their proper places. A bit of further advice is if you have lots of things that you are struggling to find places for – then maybe you need to find some more places for it – storage is key for this.

Try implementing habits to manage clutter

The easiest way to put things away is to just do it – and to keep on doing it until it’s so habitual that it becomes a natural thing to do and you won’t think twice about doing it. After, when you see how much neater your home looks, you’ll be that much more motivated to carry on doing so.

Store things where you use them.

Be smart about where you store things. Not having to walk all the way upstairs to put something away will make it that much easier to making sure everything goes back to its proper home. Make sure books are stored near to your home office, pantry close to the kitchen and sports equipment and bags at easy reach near the front door.

Once you’ve successfully organised your home, clutter will always begin to creep back into your life. Don’t let it. Be vigilant in weeding it out on a regular basis or it will just take over again and just take you more time in the long run.



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