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Checklist – 5 Things Every Home Should Have

In this day and age, making use of a checklist is a powerful habit to embrace – therefore with today being Checklist day, we’d like to remind you how important these self-made reminders truly are.


What better way to celebrate this day then by making a checklist of your own! The team at Shelfstore thought this would be a great way to start thinking about the thing your home is missing and what you can do to jazz it up. You may already have a checklist of things you think your home needs, but here’s a few more that we think are a must:

1.  An organised bookshelf

A bookshelf is not only a useful place to store your favourite objects but it’s a wall of endless decorative possibilities, and it is definitely something that every home should have. It’s the perfect place to display everything that is yours – and the beauty about it is that you can personalise and change it throughout the years.

2.  A collection

Everyone has some sort of collection that they have gathered over the years. These are a great way to add a personal touch and display the things you love the most – whether it’s your favourite pieces of artwork,  your photograph collection or even your favourite furniture pieces. Whatever the items may be – you are a collector – and it’s important to keep your collections organised so that they are being displayed beautifully.

 3.  Home plants

A plant is definitely something you should have – not only do they beautify your indoor space but it also brings a host of physical and mental health benefits. They increase the air quality of your home and will make it feel more like a home.

4.  Artwork

Artwork in your home is one of those things that everyone should have and its important that each piece shows off your personality.

5.  A personal touch

Your home’s design and interiors are – and should be – a reflection of who you are. No matter what it is that you’re displaying – the point of it is that it’s special to you and should be on display in YOUR home.

Many of these items can be obtained by transforming things you already have in your home, just be sure to take time to think about how you can get them – and be sure to tick them off along the way.



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