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Extending Your Family? Increase Your Storage Options

There are many life changes that make us take a step back and reassess the homes that we live in: many people choose to buy a new house when they get married, for example. Many more people want to either add more bedrooms, or simply more storage space, to their homes when they decide to start a family.


The fact is, children come with an awful lot of stuff, and the older they are the more stuff they tend to accumulate. Seemingly endless piles of clothes and mountains of toys will soon amass all over you house, and what previous felt like a large and comfortable space can suddenly feel cramped and cluttered. If this situation sounds familiar then you have two options: either it’s time to upgrade your home by moving into something larger, or its time to introduce more storage into your existing home. The latter is by far the cheaper and easier option! Here are just a few clever storage options and tricks that are perfect for hiding away all of your children’s clutter and reclaiming your living space:

Take a Child’s Eye View

The beauty of our modular storage solutions is that you can choose to configure them however you like. This means that if your children are still relatively young then you can opt for a low level storage unit in which they can reach all of the shelves. When purchasing your shelving unit, take a child’s eye view and think about how practical and accessible the unit you choose will be for your children. Not only will having all their toys, books, and various other essentials within reaching distance mean that they always have access to the things they need, it also means that at the end of the day, there is no excuse for them not to pick all those things up and put them away in the right place again! In the long run then, having low level and easily accessible storage in your home could actually help to make it a tidier and more organised place.

Think Long Term

Children’s bedrooms are the most versatile rooms in the house. They serve as places to sleep, places to play, somewhere to make a den, make a plan, do that dreaded homework, dream big: the list is almost endless. As your children grow up, the needs of their bedroom will change. However if you think long term and pre-empt those needs then you can choose the right storage solution that will grow with them, meaning you won’t have to continue buying and adding new furniture to your home.  You can do this by opting for a shelving unit wide enough to hold plenty of toys that can also double up as a book shelf when those more studious teenage years arrive. We also offer shelving units that have integrated desks with slide away keyboard shelves, which are ideal as colouring or craft tables when children are young and then become the perfect place for completing homework as they grow up. By thinking about the furniture needs of your children’s entire child hoods, you can ensure that you buy everything they need.

Accessorize With Style                                                                        

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of buying the right accessories for your storage units. Good quality solid wood furniture looks great and will stand the test of time, but they often aren’t appealing to young children. Visual appeal is important to help incentive children into using their new storage options and tidying their clutter away, so opt for brightly coloured storage tubs and baskets to sit on each shelf. If you have more than one child, you could give them each their own basket colour, so that the toys or books that belong to them are easy to identify. If you’re looking for stylish and unusual storage baskets that will have universal appeal the why not think outside the box: old fruit boxes, crates, and even vintage jars and tool boxes all make unusual but visually appealing toy storage options for toys and trinkets of any size.

This is a freelance article by Helen Fogsbottom.



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