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Three Ways To Display Your Most Treasured Collections

No matter what your passion is – whether you love collecting tiny treasures, oversized artefacts or have a beloved book collection, the most important thing is having somewhere to store them, so that they can gather complements – not dust.


We’ve put together a collection of ideas to keep your most cherished items in sight and incorporate them into your home décor…

  • Lining up collectables on shelves

A shelf is all you need to give your collection new life. When it comes to lining up your collectables on a set of shelves, try grouping them by colour or by type. And if you you’re your shelves to make a big statement, then try to leave some empty space to create more of an impact e.g. only have a certain number of pieces per shelf.

  • Cover the walls

That’s right, it’s time to embrace your vertical space and turn your collection into artwork. All you have to do is hang your treasures on the wall (with the help of a few creative display techniques), and as you work your way up the wall, try to keep the focus on the pieces themselves by only displaying a handful of your favourites – this will make each individual piece stand out.

  • Go for the unexpected

A grouping of similar objects in one area of a room often has the biggest impact – and is what a lot of collectors tend to do. But if you’re finding that shelves and walls isn’t the answer for displaying your collection, then perhaps a dose of the unexpected is in order. Consider places you wouldn’t normally, perhaps hanging from the ceiling or a table in your hallway?

Whatever way you choose to display your collections, you’ll soon turn it into a work of art and it will easily be your new favourite spot in your home. Just don’t be afraid to do something a little special – as sometimes the art of collecting is matched by the art of display.



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