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Five Home Tricks Parents Could Be Doing To Help Make The Next School Year A Successful One

With new school uniforms and stationary to be bought, backpacks to be stored away and school supplies in every corner of the house – back to school is a time of new clutter.

That’s why we’ve written this blog at the start of summer – giving you parents plenty of time to prepare. We will not let you succumb to the chaos that is back to school. We’ve put together some organisational tips and tricks for you to start doing before school is back in full swing…

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1.      Backpack stations

Storage in the hallway is a must! Your kids need somewhere where they can quickly pick up there their backpacks – and just as easily drop it off when they come through the front door. Designate a specific spot for their backpacks so you not only can help them organise it before they go to school, but it will stop it from lying around anywhere else in your home.

2.      Need to perfect place for filing papers

When it comes to important paperwork, your kids won’t have a clue. By the time you get it, it’s often found scrunched up at the bottom of their bags. Almost unreadable. Try and organise some sort of filing system so that as soon as they come back from school – you quickly raid their bags and get those papers

3.      School station

Not only is it useful to have a space in your home where you store school supplies, but it’s also important to have somewhere to store everything they need for their studies – somewhere for things like dictionaries, old revision books and homework.

4.      A place to get homework done

It’s important to choose a good work space for your kids as it will be where they study, do homework and all of their assignments. Choose somewhere that is quiet – a good place for them to sit down and concentrate. Whether it’s in their bedroom (ideally) or in a quiet corner in your living room. Just make sure you have some sort of storage available and a desk – this will help create the perfect working environment.

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5.      Labelled cubbyholes

Encourage your kids to put their belongings in the right cubby hole by getting them snazzy labels. With these can they can organise their school uniform, sports equipment’s and there could even be a bin for their school supplies. This will help avoid books and pencils being laid out across your kitchen table tops.

We hope you’ve found our tips useful. Just remember the earlier you get these things sorted, the less you have to worry as summer ends and the run up to a new school year begins. Hope you all have a stress free summer – enjoy!



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