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Dreading Your Ikea Trip? Check out an alternative shelving solution

Many of us feel that when it comes to practical storage or affordable furniture – IKEA is the one and only answer. You can find some excellent products in IKEA – items that will transform your home overnight. But when it comes to storage solutions and shelving there are much better options available.

This week we’re telling you not just why IKEA isn’t the solution to your storage problems – but what is. Flat pack, allen keys, screws & bolts can be a thing of the past.


Time is precious and time at the weekend is even more precious. Traffic jams in Croydon, gigantic warehouses and flat pack furniture with the rest of Britain on a sunny Saturday in July is nobody’s idea of time well spent.

A whole day to buy one set of shelves seems like an over exaggeration but we all know that a trip to IKEA requires a full day. With huge car parks to manoeuvre and giant locations to navigate through, one little shelf may take hours to finally purchase. Then there are lengthy check-out queues and irritable children to contend with on the way out. You’ll need a day.

Shop online and design your own shelving – you’ll have a stress free, traffic free, queue free experience that takes minutes rather than hours out of your busy life.

Flat Pack

Three out of four people in Britain would gladly pay someone to put a flat pack item together for them.

It is clear that most of us have problems assembling flat pack furniture – even when instructions come with the promise of being ‘easy’.

If you’ve wasted a whole day getting your hands on the shelving, don’t waste a whole other day putting it all together. If you take a minute to do the complicated maths – that’s two whole days wasted on shelving!! The stress accumulated in one’s body after a day’s shopping in IKEA and then a day assembling flat pack furniture doesn’t even bare thinking about!

At Shelfstore we have a fuss free solution for you!  No screws, no allen key – just simple plug and play.


Most businesses and individuals have had a fairly rough time of it recently. So you can’t blame IKEA for being savvy with their sales tactics – but it doesn’t do our bank accounts any good.

How many IKEA customers can safely say they have arrived, bought only what they intended to and left with only the items on their list? Not many! The marketplace is very conveniently located at the end of your IKEA shopping experience – full of affordable and attractive items to fill your basket with and spend your well earned cash on.

Online shopping is temptation free – Shelfstore specialises in shelving and will only take your money for shelving. We are candle, poster, plant and therefore temptation free!

So next time you think about heading to IKEA for your shelving solutions, think about how we can provide you with an online service that will save you money, time and stress. Delivery takes just two to four days and your shelving will be ready to go in just ten minutes.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.

By Tony Fitz-Costa. Check me out on Google+



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