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5 Decorating Ideas To Make Sure You Have The Perfect Sleep

We all know how important sleep is for our physical, emotion and metal wellbeing, and with our lives nowadays so busy and stressful, it’s even more important to ensure we are able to have enough good quality rest. But is your bedroom the serene sanctuary you need it to be? The team at Shelfstore has put together 5 decorating ideas to help make sure you can have the perfect sleep!

1. Adjust the light

We fall asleep more quickly when we’re in a dark room and so any light has the potential to interfere with our sleep. Control the amount of light in your room by using dimmer switches or low wattage bulbs for ambient lighting to create a soft glow before bedtime. Minimize light coming in from outside by hanging heavy curtains at the windows or use blinds or shutters to keep daylight at bay.


2. Choose calming colours

Colours that elicit calm and warmth such as soft shades of yellow, peach, green and blue are ideal for bedrooms. Applied with neutral tones they create a balanced and soothing environment, which will improve sleep and relaxation.

3. Add some scents

Our sense of smell has a large part to play in releasing feel-good chemicals which help us prepare for a good night’s sleep. Calming scents such as lavender, vanilla, and jasmine have a relaxing effect when inhaled. Why not place scented candles on your bedside table, window sill or shelves in your bedroom which will help to make sleep much more pleasurable.


4. Clear out clutter

Maintaining an uncluttered bedroom minimises visual stress and helps to create a serene retreat. Of course keeping the clutter under control and finding room for everything in your bedroom is no easy task, especially if you have limited space. Consider investing in tall wardrobes and shelving and make the most of your space width-wise too with extra wide drawer units. Even your bedside tables can have a cupboard or drawers for storage! And don’t forget under bed storage is also fantastically useful as well.


5. Ditch the devices

Having any electronic devices in your bedroom can be a distraction and as mentioned previously any light does interfere with our ability to fall asleep. So keep laptops, tablets and mobile phones out of the bedroom in order that it can become the serene sanctuary you want it to be.

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