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Are You Keeping Up To Date With Your Home Improvement Plans?

????????????????We’re almost halfway through the year and if you still haven’t managed to get around to those home improvement resolutions you set yourself at the beginning of the year, then shame on you.

There’s no time like the present and with the May bank holiday coming up, it could be the perfect time to get all those jobs done.

It doesn’t have to involve big changes that you need to call in the experts for, just set aside a little time to work on those small projects and you’ll have a new look for your home before you know it.

Here are a few improvements to start thinking about:

Get A New Look

Start seeking out some inspiration and get creative! Nothing makes a home feel more like yours than changing it to suit your needs. Give new life to a room – it could be new furniture, a lick of paint or even some new shelves for extra storage space. Consider how you can make it your own, something that no one has used before – this a chance for you to really show off your personality.

Clear Out Your Clutter

Re-organising your home is an obvious choice, but can be a daunting one, depending on how long you have let things go for. But clearing out the clutter in your home is something that needs to be part of that fresh new start you want this year. As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it, used or looked at it in the past year, then it’s likely that you’re not going to – ever! Spend some time going through every room in your home using this mantra and before you know it you’ll have a clutter-free house, as well as more storage space!

Replace Junk Furniture

Everyone has at least one cheap or second-hand piece of furniture they hate, but haven’t quite found the time or money to replace it. Now is the time to get rid of that old cupboard you’ve had since you first moved in, with something new and exciting, antique and valuable, or even better – something you’ve created of your own?

Improve Your Storage Space

Storage space is something we all run out of at this time of year! But if you think about it, you’ve probably got some hidden storage space or even a few potential places where a storage unit could go. Start thinking about what kind of versatile storage unit could go there to not only fit that space, but to suit your needs.

Brighten Up Your Home

Colours have great significance in our lives – they can be very emotive and can have an effect on how we feel. Therefore, it really is best to surround yourself with the colours you love. Painting the house with your favourite colours is not only one of the most low cost home improvements you can make – but by simply refreshing your walls, you’ll create an impression that the whole room has been redesigned.

Believe it or not, giving your home new life is a lot easier than you think. With a little patience and preparation beforehand, you’ll be working your way quickly through your ‘to do’ list and you’ll even have fun ticking off each task! Happy home improving!



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