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Transform Your Hallway For A Great First Impression

The hallway is arguably the most important room in your house. It’s the first room that any visitor sees and therefore the first impression they have of your home. We all know how important those first impressions are, so Shelfstore has put together a few ideas to make your hallway more practical and all the more welcoming!


Keep your clutter under control

All of us as we come in through the front door have coats, shoes, bags and keys that need to be put somewhere and which more often than not get discarded in the hallway. So why not invest in some storage solutions to keep the clutter under control, which are useful, attractive and multi-purpose. A console table with drawers and baskets placed underneath or perhaps a bench seat with storage under the seat with a coat rack attached might be the answer if you have the space. Furniture such as this will give the impression that your hallway is a room in its own right, rather than just somewhere to pass through on your way to another room.


If your hallway is too small for any extra pieces of furniture, then why not utilise the space under your stairs by creating a recessed storage area – either built-in or freestanding – with hooks to accommodate coats, hats and scarves and shelves to store boots, shoes and bags.


Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving, doors and drawers is the perfect solution for under stairs storage and can be easily designed to fit any space, no matter what the shape, and painted to suit your colour scheme.

Creating an all-purpose storage area ensures every member of the family has somewhere to store their belongings and by keeping your hallway as clutter-free as possible will create a more spacious feel and will actually make your house feel bigger.

Create a focal point

Whether your hallway is large or small, you will have plenty of wall space to make a statement with a decorative feature such as a mirror, piece of artwork or framed photographs. Mirrors can actually make a huge difference, as they help to create an illusion of space by reflecting light all around, so are particularly useful, and hanging a series of framed photographs of your family, for example, can help to add personality to the space.


The clever use of lighting also helps to create a focal point as well as brighten any dark areas. If you have space for a table lamp this will give a soft glow and introduces another layer of light. Recessed downlights are great too as they can be angled to bounce light off the walls, thus reflecting more light around.

If we have inspired you to transform your hallway or even any other room in your house, we would love to hear from you if you are planning to use any Shelfstore products. Please tweet us @Shelfstore and we would be happy to offer any practical advice you may need.

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