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Shelfstore Matches Your Mood

Furnishing your home can bring out a range of emotions – on the one hand, you can’t wait to get started and on the other, you’re unsure what to do.

Sometimes there is no way of knowing where to start, what to do or even how to decorate – but whatever your mood is, we guarantee with our advice you’ll find a way to decorate and furnish your home to suit you and your mood.Shelfstore brochure

Running out of space?

Do you have children? Or perhaps a shopping addiction? Either of these are common causes of clutter in the home – and more of a reason to have the ideal storage system in place! That is, if you don’t want to see your new clothes lying on the floor or your children’s toys scattered all over your living room.

If your home faces the common problem of lack of storage space – then all you need to do is think about making the most of the existing space you have. Try using a storage system that offers flexibility! Modular shelves can help you create the ideal space and access items with ease.

Don’t forget that if you’ve got a big family that those little ones are going to grow up and as they do, they’re stuff is going to grow too. Find something that gives you a long or short term solution.  Using a Shelfstore unit is ideal for this as you can add more components (which can withstand heavy loads) to it as the little ones grow up, or you can downsize and rearrange storage solutions with ease using quick and simple fitting options.

Do you like to change your rooms round a lot?

If you’re someone that likes change – then you probably like to rearrange your furniture from time to time. If this is you, then you’ll need to plan ahead and pick something that can be easily adjustable as well as moveable!

The Shelfstore universal range gives you all the advantages of a fitted wardrobe without the difficulty, expense and inconvenience of built in units. The adaptability of the storage system means that you can change the layout, add to it and even take it with you when you move.

Do you have an awkward space that needs filling out?

We all have that awkward space somewhere in our home that can feel underserved and be frustrating – whether it be the loft space, some awkward corners or sloping ceilings etc. But wouldn’t you love to find a way to use that awkward space and turn it into something that helps solve your storage issues?

The vast range of different uprights in the Shelfstore storage system means that you can adapt it whatever your awkward space might be – all you have to do is measure up and design your ideal storage to fill that area. Or it might not even be an awkward space that you’re looking to use – perhaps you just want something different than the traditional storage unit – how about a bridging unit? This allows you to make use of the storage space over a bed or above radiators – where you can store clothes on shelves or in a coat rail in the wardrobe – or you even combine the two!

Do you like your furniture to be different – one of a kind?

Our home is our haven where we go and unwind after a long day. Making your home special through your own personal interior design, creates a place that is all your own. Your home’s neutral paint scheme may go with everything, but all that beige and grey can really get you down. So why not do something different that emphasises your personal style!

Instead of the normal wardrobe or cupboard, go for a traditional louvre effect, you can choose the hardboard infill which you can paint yourself in whichever colour you decide, wallpaper or fabric on the doors to match or contrast with your décor – whatever your heart desires.

With Shelfstore, the unique universal cupboard door in fill system enables you to have mirrors on the outside or inside of the wardrobe – you can even have some doors mirrored and others in a range of finishes as wide as your imagination.

Those who spend the time to think about what they want and make the effort to decorate and organise their space – are the ones that take pride in their home. And having a beautiful home really does affect your mood! So whatever it is that you desire, you can create the room of your dreams with Shelfstore!



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