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Every room in the home or workplace has a different function – some rooms are used more at night, others for relaxing, working out, studying or sleeping.
The atmosphere and mood of each room in your home needs to complement its function and this can be achieved through creative use of lighting.

Now we know that many of you will be thinking – a light bulb is a light bulb – they pretty much all look and feel the same.

But don’t be fooled, there is far more that you can do with the humble light bulb to transform the look and feel of a room – it’s just about thinking outside the box.

Relaxing Rooms

Bedrooms and living rooms are generally thought of as quite relaxing environments. Soft controllable lighting that allows for natural daylight is preferable. In a living room you want to avoid having to draw the curtains in order to see the TV – dimmer lights are good for this reason – you can control the lighting to compliment the daylight and avoid screen glare. Bedrooms also benefit from dimmers – in the morning you may require a bright light but the evening often requires a softer soporific light.

Home Office

The home office often requires a mix of lighting options. You can transform shelving and storage solutions with up lighting and create a softer more inviting feel with free standing lights. Up lighting in shelving can help to illuminate impressive literature collections as well as creating an atmosphere. Free standing lights are great for providing general light around the room however a clear direct light – such as a strong halogen lamp – is advisable for tired eyes that need to focus on a screen, desk or work station for long periods of time.

Task Lighting for Shelving

Task Lighting is a great way to brighten up your shelving. It gives off a bright focussed light that can shine down on displays of crockery, books and hobbyist collections. Task lighting is also an effective way of creating a subtle light in a room when overhead lights are too strong for the mood or time of day. If your living room contains shelving – put in some task lighting and use it in the evenings instead of overhead lighting to create a more relaxed mood.

And last but by no means least – The undervalued fairy light.

With long winter nights on the horizon – fairly lights twinkling into the evening are a welcome sight. Dressing shelving with fairy lights is great for businesses with shop windows to illuminate. It’s decorative, functional and just that little bit magical!

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