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Perfect Paints – Our Top 5 Designer Paints For Your Wood Shelving

If you’ve ordered some shelving from us before you’ll know that our home shelving system is made from solid wood, finely sanded and clear varnished. There’s no chipboard or veneer in sight and, as a result and with proper care, it can last a lifetime of heavy usage in its natural state.

On the flip side if you fancy an afternoon with the paintbrush in hand… then we say go for it!

There are plenty of fabulous designer paint brands out there that you can paint directly onto wood without priming – some good, some bad. Cheaper paints are made with synthetic pigments and it’s the pigments that gives paint its quality and depth of colour. Therefore it’s worth knowing which paint brands look the best and offer the greatest selection and depth of colour. So to get you off on the right foot, we’re giving you our top five designer paints to look out for.

And you just thought it was about choosing the right colour…..

  1. Farrow and Ball – for the Traditionalist

F&B, who are keen to call their paints “traditional” rather than historic, have used the same basic method since the 1930s. This treasured and trusted recipe produces paints with luxurious depth of colour that gives great coverage and as an added bonus – do not harm you or the environment.

2. Little Greene – for the true Englishmen

These guys are known as ‘boutique paint makers’ in the biz. They are famous for their historical paint colours in association with English Heritage – known as their Colours of England collection. The coverage of each paint in the range they offer (matt emulsion, flat oil, limewash, distemper) is said to be “excellent”

3. Pride and Joy – for the Environmentalist

Pride and Joy have 768 shades across their entire colour spectrum, so there is plenty to choose from. They believe that modern paints are born from ‘Science, not magic,’ and must work in harmony with the environment. They do this by making efficient use of raw materials and further developing manufacturing processes.

4. Fired Earth – for the Practicalist

Fired Earth paint is made from a careful selection of pigments, minerals and resins chosen for their qualities of opacity, light fastness and durability. The paints are designed to produce a flat surface which is soft to the touch. They are also said to be very practical, hard wearing and very easy to apply.

5. Sanderson – for the Interior Designer.

Sanderson offer 140 subtle shades from the complete Spectrum colour range of 1,352 colours. Their paints are often recommended and used by architects, interior designers and decorators. Sanderson is one of the oldest fabric and wallpaper companies in Britain and proudly manufacture all their paints in the UK

So there you have it – a good selection of brands to get started with. If you want to compare prices and products online then visit They supply paints from Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth, Little Greene and Sanderson and you can get a good idea of cost. Once you’ve found your brand and colour then you’re away, just don’t forget to purchase your shelves!

Happy Painting!



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