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Are You Prepared For The New Year?

44_ChristmasIt’s inevitable that every year after Christmas we are left with a trail of clutter – normally unwanted Christmas presents and cupboards full of kids’ toys bursting to the brim.

Why not make a change this year?

Aim to start the New Year with not only a clear head, but with an organised house too – start as your mean to go on!

The only thing that is likely to slow you down is your kids – we all know that if you have kids, your house is going to be bombarded with stuff – especially at this time of year! Not only is Santa so generous to the kids at this time of the year, but family and friends also love spoiling them. By the end of Christmas day you’re likely to end up with too many toys and not enough space to put them – leaving your house looking like a toy store exploded! And as our little one grow up; this problem will only continue to grow…

Not only will you be left with all the new toys lying around, but your children will already have a pile of toys that they always want to play with and leave out. From one toy to another they’ll go, leaving a trail throughout the house. As a parent you may try to pick up and sort out one room that that they’ve been in, and then go to the next – but by the time you come back to the one you’ve sorted – it’s destroyed again!

In order to beat the number of toys taking over your home, it’s your job as a parent to make sure you’re prepared for the number of new items you and your children are likely to receive. After all, who wants to go into the New Year feeling stressed and unorganised?!

First things first – think about getting the right storage system in place that’s easily accessible to both you and your kids.

Having a modular system that grows to suit your family’s needs would be ideal – you want a unit that can start out small and expand as your requirements (the amount of stuff you accumulate) change. The Shelfstore system is perfect for this and can also be re-arranged when you move home or want to change the design to store or display any extra items you accumulate.

Not only is it important to have the right storage in place for all those toys, but you need to think about setting some ground rules with your kids to make sure that they keep the place organised…

Ever heard of the phrase many hands make light work? Try teaching your kids the ABC’s of tidiness, you can think of some fun and easy ways for them to not only get their toys out but to also put them away once they’re finished with them. As you’re teaching them, you can help them out each time – they’ll soon get the hang of it.

Don’t forget the one in, one out rule – once you are sure that your child has suitable storage in their bedroom, teach them this rule so that whenever they take something out to play with, they have to put the old toys back to where they belong.

It’s amazing how much tidier every room in your house will be when all your stuff not only has a place to live but is always put back in that place.

If you have any other decluttering tips and advice over the Christmas holidays, be sure to tweet us at @shelfstore.



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