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Back to School New Years Resolutions

Move over Christmas – a new school year is coming!

With another term upon us, families face new organisational challenges – with papers piling as hand outs and homework stream into the house, early morning alarms clocks and the need to get back into old routines.

22_BackToSchool_2_optIt’s time to get your kids back into the swing of things and get organised for another great school term. Whether its enrolment, shopping for school supplies or preparation for all that homework, it’s now just around the corner – so be prepared!

As a parent, it’s your job to help your kids make the transition from those lazy summer days to another chaotic school year – as easy as possible. There are a number of things you can do; earlier bed times, refreshing their school skills – just so they’re in the right mind set for going back.


One of the most important things that kids have to get used to doing but dread having to do is – homework!

Very few enjoy homework but in order to achieve good grades and to accomplish their homework accurately, it takes not just hard work, dedication, and organisation… but a good homework environment.

Having the best possible environment just makes homework an easier task for all – creating a place where they can go to clear their mind and work without any distraction is a major plus.

To create your child’s proper and efficient homework environment, follow these steps:

  • Set up a work space.

Choose a good work space for your kids as it will be where they study, do homework, assignments and complete all school work. Whether it is in their bedroom (ideally best) or on a spare table in the living room, create a space.

  •  Get a desk!

A desk is one of the most important places in your study environment as it is the place where they’ll spend their evenings doing their homework.

If they don’t already have one – get one! If they do, get them to do a tidy up of the desk a few days before school starts – throw things away that they don’t need, and turn it into a comfortable working environment where they can feel confident in getting that homework done!

  • Organise and make the most of this space.

It’s easier to work when you have a clean space. Add shelving, file boxes, drawers etc. to keep your kids space organised and clutter free. Also make sure that you help arrange your kids’ space so they have all the required items to complete your work.

Hope you’ve all taken in our advice and got yourselves prepared for another school term. No one wants to fall behind on homework so get prepared, get a new desk and make sure your kids love their new homework environment!

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