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Case Study – Shelfstore at Home

sizesShelfstore has always been on a mission to provide the best possible service to customers, we started in 1949 and we can’t stop…

Not only do we enjoy making domestic storage solutions for you and your homes, schools and offices etc. – but we love having customers that are satisfied with our service!

That’s why we’re pleased to share with you a particular story from one of our customers and how he came to use Shelfstore.

His Shelfstore Story

Douglas had just moved into a new house and needed some storage in his new study – that’s when he turned to searching online and found Shelfstore. He had a slight bump in the road but that was quickly cleared up…

“I rather stupidly messed up my last but one order, by duplicating a bay – so I had extra! As soon as I notified Shelfstore of my error – it was put right. And my second order was delivered in a very short time frame from my original order – this meant I didn’t have a long wait to complete my shelving.”

“Incidentally, I have just taken delivery of my fourth order – the Shelfstore shelving is proving to be a boon in my new home.”

So what did he order?

Douglas advised… “the flexibility of shelf spacing and depth has maximised my storage potential.”

The flexibility of our shelves helps to create the ideal space and access items with ease. They can be installed in just 10 minutes and can withstand heavy loads – so you can display a range of items, from that beloved ficus plant, to all your encyclopaedias and don’t forget about all those family photo albums.

Despite the increase in mobile technology and iPods, every music lover still needs a convenient place to store their beloved original albums, and Douglas needed just that!

You can order a system with each shelving unit to be either 14 or 18cm deep, and as our systems are modular; you can easily adjust and tailor your shelves to suit the amount of CDs or vinyl you own.

The beauty about the shelving systems is that whilst they comprise of a very simple and functional engineering – where not only do they take a few minutes to assemble, – they are also very flexible, you can easily take them down and re-assemble your unit when you want to move or rearrange things!

Shelfstore quality

Douglas quoted “I find the Shelfstore shelving very good quality, sturdy and it has a really nice “feel”.  I do like the solid wood as opposed to veneered chipboard. The design wizard also works remarkably well. It was a great help, easy to use and it gave me the opportunity to think through all the options before deciding and placing my order.”

All of our components are made from solid wood, finely sanded and clear varnished. There’s no chipboard or veneer in sight and, as a result, the shelves can take a lifetime of heavy usage.

The solid wood that we use is solid dependable pine – and like all wood it’s easy to work with and lasts for a long time!

Final words from Douglas…

“I really am delighted with the Shelfstore product and also the service/delivery you provide.  The instructions are good and make it easy to assemble the shelving systems.  Very clever process and I do like the absence of screws, nuts and bolts.”

“I’d vote you internet supplier of the year any day. Your deliveries are so quick; don’t know how you do it!”

Now that’s what we call – a happy customer!

If you’re looking for a Shelfstore experience or for any of the products mentioned above you can find them via our website:

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.

By Tony Fitz-Costa. Check me out on Google+

Have a go at creating your own shelving system using our easy to use design wizard:



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