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Make Your Shelfstore System One Of A Kind

Look around your bedroom, living room or utility room and you are likely to spot unused space crying out for a storage unit, shelf or bookcase. Perhaps you are worried that you might not be able to find something that will look good in your living room alongside the coffee tables or armchair? Fret not as you can get creative with Shelfstore.

With our system you’ll have the perfect storage that offers both modular shelving to make the most of your space, as well as the ideal system to suit your personal taste and interior design requirements.

So if you like your furniture to be different – one of a kind, then take a look at the two options we can give you to make your storage system unique.

  • Unique Universal Doors


Making your home special through your own personal interior design, creates a place that is all your own. Your home’s neutral paint scheme may go with everything, but all that beige and grey can really get you down.  It’s important to do something different that emphasises your personal style!

Therefore instead of the normal wardrobe or cupboard, go for a traditional louvre effect, you can choose the hardboard infill which you can paint yourself in whichever colour you decide, wallpaper or fabric on the doors to match or contrast with your décor – whatever your heart desires.

With Shelfstore, the unique universal cupboard door in fill system also enables you to have mirrors on the outside or inside of the wardrobe – you can even have some doors mirrored and others in a range of finishes as wide as your imagination.

  • A Lick Of Paint

vintage feeel

Shelfstore shelves are perfect for painting in any colour or design – this is ideal for those who want the freedom to create a truly individual piece of furniture. Our home shelving system is made from solid wood, finely sanded and clear varnished – and is ready for you to paint to your heart’s desire.

There are plenty of fabulous designer paint brands out there that you can paint directly onto wood without priming. Cheaper paints are made with synthetic pigments and it’s the pigments that gives paint its quality and depth of colour. Therefore it’s worth choosing a paint brand that you know will look the best on your system – offering the greatest selection and depth of colour.

Those who spend the time to think about what they want and make the effort to decorate and organise their space – are the ones that take pride in their home. And having a beautiful home really does affect your mood! So whatever it is that you desire, you can create the room of your dreams with Shelfstore.



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