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Guest Blog – #ForTheLoveOfColour: Autumn

When it comes to decorating our homes, we often find inspiration outside. Whether you like to mimic the blossoms of your favourite flowers or simply fall in love with the colours of a particular season, there is plenty you can do inside your home with some inspiration from outdoors.

For those looking for inspiration for the end of the year, autumn has plenty of great ideas. Here we take a look at some of the most popular autumnal colours which most definitely deserve #ForTheLoveOfColour!


One of the most traditional autumnal colours, brown to some is boring – but that’s where you’re wrong! From deep chocolate to a muted beige, this is one colour palette with plenty to offer a budding interior design.

The trend of chocolate brown with teal blue is one that rose to great popularity a few years ago and it’s still a good idea to follow. If you want something a little different then why not change the teal for another bright shade? Red is the next autumnal colour up for discussion and its one which works exceptionally well with brown.


A bold and bright colour that has plenty of impact, red can be anything from warming and intimate to seductive and sensual. Be careful how you use this in your home to avoid overpowering a room. Red works well as an accent so introduce it in feature walls or through accessories.

If you’re redecorating your kids bedroom then why not choose red for kids duvet covers? This will work well if they’re starting to grow out of their obsession with childhood characters while still giving them a bright and playful bedroom to enjoy.


Similar to red, orange is a bright and bold colour that can have plenty of impact on your home’s interior. Associations with Halloween are string and this makes it an ideal option for those interested in an autumnal colour.

If you’re introducing orange into your home then consider what you’re putting it with. Brown is another good option if you want something a little warmer than black but you may also find that it works well with creamy, buttery shades of light yellow for something a little lighter. Gold also works well with this style but as a detailing colour only.


A great traditional option for autumn, gold immediately conjures up thoughts of Christmas and celebrations. As the colour is so domineering, you want to make sure it is introduced in small instances only. This means reserving it for detailing and accessories.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface of autumnal colours and if you want more inspiration for your home then we recommend checking out these fantastic seven colour palettes made specifically for the season. Introducing other shades such as bright lemon yellow and forest greens, these palettes have plenty of inspiration for interior design which will help you produce a home that is as stylish and classy as it is warm and welcoming.

Written by Kirstie Jones at Home Improvement Blog. They are lovers of Interior Design and Home Decor who love sharing ideas and writing about lifestyle and home improvement.



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