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Halloween Décor – Has Your Home Got The Spooky Factor?

halloween autumnAs the air turns crisper, and October soon comes to an end, there is no better way to round up the month than by decorating your home with whimsical ideas for Halloween.

We understand that Halloween is one of those holidays that you either love or could do without; everyone seems to have different mentality when it comes to Halloween décor. Some are so into it they start buying those discount decorations the morning of November the 1st, while others don’t even want to bother with carving a pumpkin (sadly).

For those of you wanting to kit your homes out with dark interiors and black cauldrons throughout your home, we’ve got some perfect Halloween themed interior ideas for you to surround yourselves in. Not only this, but for those who like the idea of decorating their home for the holiday – but don’t necessarily want to go all out, we’ve got some ideas for you to!

Black And White Décor

Halloween doesn’t have to scream of orange and black! If you love dark accents through your home then why not consider doing something a bit more creative, after all Halloween is the time to bring out the inventive ideas. Why not consider painting pumpkins black and white – then displaying them all over the house, or create a pathway with them right up to your front door. Spray paint silver accents such as dinnerware and cables black, and then think about putting up some string white lights around your home to really create that festive ambiance. Just be sure to enjoy the mystery and sophistication of dark interiors with pops of whimsy appeal.

Take A Subtle Décor Approach

For many, dark interiors convey gloom and coldness, so why not mix it up and have drops of colour scattered around to take off the hard edge off the room. Try pairing up your favourite deep colour with bright splashes of colour – for instance a black cover for the sofa with playful bright neon pillows – that’s one way to mix it up! You could also include things like artwork, sculptures, lighting and bookcases to bring in a shot of colour. You could create pumpkins with the family to display around the house but why not use white and green pumpkins? Then you can include other natural tones around the house like gourds, grapes, candles and neutral colours for your other display areas.

Don’t Hold Back

If you’re a big lover of this holiday, then there really is so much you can do to spook out your guests and neighbours. Not only can you emerge your home in dark and heavy textiles but there are also many ways you can create a spooky ambiance. Why not use old candle bras with candles throughout your home – the dim lights will play a superb role in the spooky effect.

Another great way is to make your furniture look old – like an old abandoned haunted house – use cotton or playful spider webs found at your local party store and stretch them all over your furniture from your bookcase to your dining rooms table and chairs. It may also be fun to group apothecary jars with lids and have fun specimens inside that are bound to spook your guests out.

We hope you’ve been able to get some inspiration from our frightfully fun and festive Halloween ideas. And who says Halloween is only for a day? You can get some great ideas for your home interiors throughout this holiday, with dark colours for all of Autumn. These dark and mysterious colours will make your home feel unique – and remember the beauty of décor is that everyone sees it in their own light – so let your imagination run wild



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