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Guest Blog: Eco Friendly Home Renovations

It’s 2015, so it’s about time we all developed a conscience. When it comes to our homes, there should be no exceptions, and we should all do our bit to make sure our interior design and renovations reflect the eco-friendly world we’re striving to inhabit.

If you need any further persuasion, it’s worth noting that often, being environmentally aware in your home doesn’t always just mean you help the planet – you help your wallet, too! Here are just a few ideas of some often small, simple changes you can make at home…

Install Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting can really alter the ambience of your home, but that isn’t to say it has to consume too much electricity. By simply changing the bulbs that you use, you can reduce energy bills as well as your carbon footprint for the ultimate introduction to ethical interior design.

Invest In Double Glazing

Double glazing is something that so many of us now have in our houses, but if we don’t, now might be the time to take the plunge. As this article points out, double glazing isn’t just a desirable attribute, it’s one which can actually save you a lot of cold, hard cash in the long run.

Some of the many benefits include a warmer house (therefore a reduction in energy bills!), as well as an overall tidier appearance of windows, as they’re less likely to collect mould and condensation. This plays in nicely with any grand designs you may have for the fenestration of your dwelling.

Upcycle & Swish

You can spruce up (or upcycle) something you already have to perfectly embellish your home. That old tyre that’s been sat in the garage for months – could you feasibly make it into something else? You’d probably think not, but it’s indeed possible! There are so many ways you can turn your trash into treasure.

As for ‘swishing’, you can trade your unwanted adornments with something you do want in something of a modern trade off! Even if your new home decorations aren’t made from entirely responsible products, they’re totally responsible in that no more effort or energy is expended in their creation or acquisition – they already exist, and by that mantra, you’re simply making sure you’re putting such things to good use!

The writer is “Steve Gilbert is an expert builder with over 20 years’ experience in his field. Take a look at his site here:



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