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Fixing the Challenge of Storage for CD’s and DVD’s – 3 Top Tips

It’s a modern day problem, but a serious one – DVD’s and CD’s are taking over our offices, cars, living room, bedrooms and homes.

Even in this highly digital age – we still hold on to hard copies.

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In fact, the average family in the UK has over 114 DVD’s. These all need a home to return to after a rainy day viewing. CD’s take up less space but have been around for longer, as a result, most of us have acquired hundreds over the years and feel too tied to our musical memories to throw them away.


A huge number of CD’s and DVD’s within our homes and offices without suitable storage.


Organise your collections with a tailored simple shelving system – Some tips to get you started on the straight and narrow shelving solution!

Organise your collection – Ask yourself how you want to access your DVD and CD collection. Create a system that works for you – be it alphabetically, by genre, favourites etc.

Be brutal – Don’t be a hoarder – if you haven’t watched Fantasia for ten years or listened to the Spice Girls for a decade – recycle them! Be decisive; don’t waste space that you don’t have.

Buy a larger storage solution than your existing collection – Once you’ve organised your collection, you’ll have a better idea about the type of storage solution you require. It’s useful to have storage that holds more than your existing collection, for obvious reasons, it leaves room for new additions and ensures you don’t run out of space for a while.

When it comes to storing this type of collection our customers over the years have advised us that – shelving works much better as a storage solution than racks.

If you’re looking for advice about how many DVDs you can fit onto one a shelving unit then take a look at our short video – this will give you more of an idea about the type of shelving you need for your DVD collection. And for similar advice on your dusty CD collection, see this video.

At Shelfstore, you are able to tailor shelves to your specific needs, ideas, space and creative flare. And using our simple shelving ‘design wizard’ you can work through the steps to create a tailor made solution which is then delivered straight to you. You also have the advantage of adding more shelves at a later date, to suit your home and the goods you accumulate. This is particularly important when storing DVDs and CDs as your collection is more than likely to continue expanding!

For more tips and advice on storage solutions, stay tuned to our blog.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space



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