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Creating the Perfect Home Office

More and more people across the UK are seeing the benefits of working from home. There has been an estimated 75% rise in people doing at least some of their work from the comfort of their own houses since 2005. In this post we take a look at how you can create your perfect home office and the benefits of doing so.

Reasons to work from home

Working from home isn’t for everyone. Many people thrive in a traditional office environment, and for several jobs working remotely just isn’t an option. But the growing influence of digital technology has made working away from the office an option for many: and it’s proving to be a popular one for a lot of people. Studies have found that people who work from home have higher morale levels and are often more productive due to the absence of distractions. Working from home cuts the travel out of your day which means the time you spend walking, driving, or waiting for public transport can be spent on doing much more useful things. Anyone who commutes over long distances will know how draining this can be; but as well as keeping you more alert when working, the savings you make on petrol, train fares and bus tickets mean installing a home office can actually save you money.

What professions need a home office?

Home offices are useful for many different careers. They’re traditionally associated with small business owners or traditional office jobs like writers and bloggers. In fact, they’re valuable to practically any professional person, such as music teachers, hairdressers and B&B owners. They are also really handy for creating an office environment in converted residential buildings like care homes, nurseries and doctor’s surgeries.

Creating your very own home office

We provide a range of fully customisable office environments for your home. An important factor when selecting one is to think about what you need to store and organise? Whether its books, CDs, folders, printers, PCs, TVs or DVD players, we can provide any combination of cupboards, drawers, shelves, folding tables or filing cabinets as requested.

Our home office solutions are fantastic for making the most of the space in your home. Even if no one in your family works from home it’s still great to have a place where the kids can do their homework and you can keep all your important papers and documents together. All our office shelving and storage systems are easy to assemble and are made from strong pine so they can hold practically anything.

If you would like to know more about our home office systems: get in touch – Our team of experts would be happy to talk to you.





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