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Five Office Design Ideas That Make The Most Of Your Small Space

If you are under the impression that you need a spare room or a huge master bedroom to set up your new home office, you’re wrong. You can have a brilliant work friendly space in the smallest of places.

So if you’ve got an awkward space in your home, now is the time to consider exploring what more you could be doing with that space…

Use your corner space

If you’ve got a spare corner space – now is the time to work it! All you have to do is sneak in a desk with built in storage such as shelves or drawers, a chair and a few office accessories. You’ll soon have the perfect spot to retreat to for working from home or when you need to sort through those all important documents.

office_ren_01 Awkward nooks and alcoves

There are so many possibilities when it comes to looking for unused area to claim your workspace. Consider under the stairs, sloped ceilings, an alcove space or even around your windows – with a little storage help you’ll be able to transform it into that productive place you’ve been wishing for.

under the stair work from home Along the wall

Keep a small office from feeing cramped by using versatile furniture – a wall of solid shelves can sometimes dominate a room, so change it up a bit by adding a desk between shelving units. And remember to make use of that vertical space – consider building up rather than extending by width.

Hideout in the loft

Your unused loft space can provide the perfect opportunity for a quiet space to work. No matter how big or small your loft is there’s always something you can work with. All you need is a long desk along the wall with some sort of shelving unit under the sloped ceilings.

Home office with a view

Turn your window area into a small office. You could install a built in desk and shelves under a large window for a work area with a view or to the side of the window like the image below. Ah peaceful!

Home office with green walls and white shelves If you need help finding the perfect home office storage for these small spaces – then you’re in luck. Shelfstore can help you create the perfect system to fit your space with our online design wizard.



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