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It’s Christmas – Presents Galore, but where to Store?

It’s that time of year again, and whilst it’s wonderful for all children that Father Christmas is so generous. The sheer volume, scale and size of those gifts can often lead parents into an anxious state of ‘storage fever’.

‘Where are we going to store it all’ – is probably a well used phrase by many a parent by the 28th December!

The number of presents that children receive can really take over our homes – turning them into what looks like, a nursery school.

However, never fear – here are some key preparation tips to consider – to ensure that you have all the storage solutions you require:

Multifunctional Toy Boxes

Every home (with children) needs a toy box (or maybe a few). However, you don’t want your rooms to become stacked wall to wall with boxes – so instead think creatively.

There are some great sofas with toy storage within them, and boxes with lids that double as tables for getting creative.

Review the options available, there are some really creative storage solutions out there now – and keep in mind the multifunctional aspect too.

  • New Desk

Children will now have just completed the Autumn term.  As you head into the Spring school term (even though January doesn’t feel like Springtime!) – it’s a great time to help get your children organised for the rest of their school year. As a parent it’s your job to help your children manage the transition from the excitement of the Christmas holidays to the usual school routine.

Santa may have left them some new school supplies or useful books as presents– but the big question is, where are they going to keep all their new school supplies?  To avoid books and pencils being laid out all over your kitchen table tops, then do consider getting a desk. Desks are again, multifunctional – ideal for encouraging them to do work, as well as storing their supplies! And get the right desk with appropriate shelving and drawers – and you can create not only a purposeful space, but an organised one too.

  • Bookcase/Shelving Unit

Books, CDs and DVDs will be on most children’s Christmas lists.

You’ll know that these items take up a lot of space – and also need to be easily accessible. Turn them into a feature by creating a flexible shelving solution to suit all sizes.   Shelves will keep your floors free from clutter. Not only this, but if you find a shelving system which is very easy to add to, they’ll be ideal for ever growing collections!

Avoid a cramped Christmas and get these storage solutions in place so that you can start an organised New Year happy in your home.



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