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Challenging Our Shelving Solutions Design Wizard

Do you have a shelving problem that you need to tackle? Or are you looking for shelving but only have limited space?

Whether you have a book, CD or DVD collection that is continuously expanding, or an office where the paperwork is constantly piling upShelfstore’s clever shelving systems can help to solve your shelving problems and tackle those ever growing collections!

designwizardYou can design your own shelving system to match your shelving requirements. So, instead of buying an ‘off the shelf’ shelf (pardon the pun) – you can design your own shelving system to fit even the most challenging of spaces.

The best way to go about this is to try out the Shelfstore Design Wizard and create your own made to measure solution!

What is the Shelfstore Design Wizard?

It’s a free, online shelving design tool where you can easily design domestic storage solutions to make the most of your available space – following some very basic steps.

You simply select the heights and depths of the uprights required, then the heights and depths of the shelves. From there, it’s just a case of working your way through the optional extras to create the perfect shelving solution for your storage needs.

What you have to do:

The 5 main steps to go through:

  • Decide how many shelves you want in each section.
  • The depth you want each shelf to be.
  • The height and width you want your shelving system to be.
  • The components you require to stabilise and secure your shelves.
  • And finally, any shelving peripherals.

Once you’ve decided on these elements you’ll then have more of an idea on the best kind of wooden shelving system you need to suit your home and maximise your space.

Shelving comes in all sizes, therefore the important things to be thinking about our heights depths and widths along with how many shelves you’ll need – also keep in mind that’s easy to add another shelf at any time!

Once you’ve had fun creating your own shelving system, all you have to do is wait for delivery and assemble! And don’t worry about that bit either, when it comes to assembling, the units could not be easier to install!

So what are you waiting for? Have fun with our Design Wizard and start designing a shelving system to fit any space imaginable! Enjoy!

Remember – the possibilities are only limited by the requirements!

By Tony Fitz-Costa. Check me out on Google+

Have a go at creating your own shelving system using our easy to use design wizard:



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