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Spread The Love All Year Round

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – a day that you celebrate romance with your loved ones; a celebration that we share across the world for one day only.

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But why reserve the romance for just one day of the year? You can make your daily life more romantic by just adding a few special touches to your home. We’ve put together a few ideas to inspire you…

  • Create a special spot in your home to relax

It’s important that every home has a serene space to relax in, a place where you can retreat and refuel. So an important part of decorating your home should be to fill one room with all of your favourite things or perhaps dedicate one spot in your home as the place for you to unwind. All you need is a place where you can sit back and relax with a cuppa – what better place than a cosy chair beside your window looking out into the garden on a beautiful spring like day like today.

  • Celebrate the people you love

Now’s the time to resolve to printing all your favourite photos you’ve had stored away on your phone and laptop – and start sharing them with your home. The beauty about picture frames is that they can go anywhere, scatter a few on shelves, some in your kitchen, home office and even your bedside table. Photos are great for making the place a lot cosier – so don’t be afraid to share as many as you want.

  • Take pride in your home

Allowing clutter to build up is in no way showing the love. Not only is it important to decorate your home to impress, but it’s important to keep it organised. If clutter is a reoccurring theme throughout your home – then consider investing in some extra storage. A simple well organised bookcase will stop the clutter from building in certain areas in your home.

We hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day plans on Sunday – just don’t stop there. Your home could do with a little romancing too.



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