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Colours in the Home

With the kids back to school perhaps it’s time to do a spot of redecorating.

Paint cans on white

Paint away those long summer days that the children spent crawling the walls and give your home a colour boost.

But which colour to go for and where?

Colour is very emotive and affects how we feel. As a result it can really enhance a mood and an environment. This week we’re giving you a colour lowdown – which rooms work best with which colours and how colours affect the ambience.


Green is perfect for a study or home office, since green helps concentration. If you want to study and remain tranquil then a medium shade of Mint as opposed to British Racing Green is in order.

Red, Orange and Yellow

Red, orange and yellow are much warmer tones – they are welcoming and emit a cosy glow. It’s thought that these colours actually stimulate conversation and therefore they are ideal for living rooms and lounges where friends and groups meet.

Red is particularly associated with danger, passion, warmth and energy. The colour red is suitable for dining interiors as it promotes sociable and lively feelings – which stimulate the appetite. Red is about devouring and is meant to increase one’s metabolism

Pale Blue, Lavender and Mint

These colours are ideal for calming and need to be used in areas where people relax. Bathrooms and bedrooms work well with these subtle colours that relax the mind and when it comes to size  – small rooms can be made to look bigger with light walls and a white ceiling.

To bring a large room in and make it feel more intimate, try medium earth tones and warm neutrals on the walls and paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall colour.

If you are thinking of having a revamp this Autumn, there are lots of ways to brighten up a room. Redecorating and buying a few pieces of new furniture are great ways to give a room a facelift. Take a look at the Shelfstore website for some inspiration.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.



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