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Make The Most of Your Hallway Space With Shelfstore

The hallway is a place that offers those first impressions – yet it is often the most overlooked area.

Stop your hallway from being a magnet for clutter and start considering how you can make the most of its space – even if room is tight.

Here are just a few ways to start embracing the phrase ‘small is beautiful.’

try hallway againWork with every inch

Use the dead space at the end of a narrow hallway and get some narrow storage in place. Not only will you be making use of the unused space – but it’s the perfect way to keep clutter off the floor and hide away any unsightly objects.

Conceal the clutter 

It’s inevitable that after the morning rush hour, you’re bound to be left with a whole lot of clutter. The best way to conceal the clutter is to invest in some clever storage solutions – the more storage you have, means that there will be less on the floor at those busy times of the day.

Turn small into cosy

Ok so your hallway space may be small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something great with it. It’s time to maximise the snug factor – time to look into buying some furniture that suggests relaxed rather than clutter. If you’ve got any space under the stairs or in a closet – use it to its full potential.

paint 3

Lighten up

Small hallways often lack windows and are never as bright as the rest of the rooms in a home. Be generous with mirrors as these are the classic light-enhancing solution.

Still struggling to find the perfect fix to declutter your hallway space? Head on over to the Shelfstore website – you’ll be able to create your very own shelving system that will not give you more storage space but will also help to enhance your hallway space.



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