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Case Study – Why Juberry Designs chose Shelfstore

Juberry Designs were a very small company wanting to become a leading supplier of quilting fabrics – but in order for their dream to become a reality they had to turn themselves from a “kitchen table business” into something bigger.

As they came to the realisation that they needed to have a suitable storage facility for their fabrics and designs, they turned to Shelfstore

JuBerry 1Why they chose Shelfstore?

They wanted to be different from the traditional warehouses – and needed to use something that created a welcoming feel for customers.

After originally looking at racking erected in steel, they felt that the industrial feel would detract from something that needed to be warm and inviting.

Shelfstore was their solution – with the natural solid and ethically sourced wooden shelving, it was simple to erect and could be modified to form many design possibilities.

What did they use?

The sides of the studio use standard 2m sections and shelves were placed at varying levels (using a Shelfstore versatile shelving system) to create storage for both large and small items.

For the central aisle, they started with a shelf placed at the top of “cut down” sides to form a display table. This continued with face high (again modified) supports with display shelves placed in the same ways as the side shelves – this gave a great spot to place books, patterns and other ancillaries at eye line.

To maximise the use of the Shelfstore uprights the end sections had shelf support steels placed at random spacing which we then used hooks to hang other product.

The end result…

All in all they quote; “it was a fantastic display area which could not have been so easily accomplished without the use of the Shelfstore solid wood shelving system.”

All visitors have commented on the range of fabric and accessories on display and “we believe that the shelving system has added to the warm and inviting feel of the studio.”

They were very thankful for the Shelfstore versatile shelving as it gave them the advantage to add on as many shelves as required – allowing them to build a fantastic display arena for their fabrics.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.

Have a go at creating your own shelving system using our easy to use design wizard:



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