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Britons Are Starting To Spruce Up Their Homes Again…

According to the Daily Mail, more and more homeowners are spending money on furniture and home improvements.

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Spending on credit and debit cards has grown at a fast pace rising by 4.5% compared to the year before and the surge in spending was fuelled by a big rise in purchases in furniture and DIY stores.

Due to the rise in both of these, we thought we’d take this opportunity to give you some ideas about the things you could be doing to spruce up your home

  • Refurbish, Repaint, Recycle

If you’re getting bored with certain items in your home, then perhaps it’s time to repurpose those old items whether its furniture, frames and artwork you can make your own contribution to saving our planet.

  • How about an extra room?

There’s no better way to add value to your home then by extending it. A common place to add an extra room is by utilising your loft space – this is one of the most unused spaces in our homes that we can easily make the most of. So start thinking about how you can put that wasted space to good use – could it be a new bedroom? An extra bathroom or study?

  • Time to refresh those walls

Pick a room in your home that you’re least fond of – now it’s time to repaint and refresh the walls. Go for bright vibrant summer colours like muted yellows, soft blues and vibrant greens. It’ll soon turn into your favourite room of the house!

  • Take advantage of storage

Getting creative with storage is a great way to streamline your life and make the most of your home. With so many well designs and arrangements, it’s easy to find a solution to the trickiest of storage issues – especially with Shelfsotre. So start thinking creatively about how you can make the best use of your space.

We hope we’ve inspired those of you who want to spruce up your home – there’s no time like the present!



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