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Room To Grow – Move Upwards Into Your Loft Space

If you’re currently struggling for space in your home then start considering moving up!


With careful planning, imagination and a little help from us – you’ll start to realise the potential in your loft.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to moving house or simply wanting to create more space in the home, your loft provides perfect potential!

Why Convert your Loft Space?

Converting your loft can provide your family with the space it needs and will potentially push up the value of your home when you decide to sell it. You may even have enough space to install an extra bathroom up there (always a good house value enhancer).

Whether you’re in need of an extra bedroom, looking for somewhere to escape from the world or, like a lot of people these days are doing – working from home and need  to create a home office / study area or simply just lots of efficient and creative loft storage – ‘moving up’ is an attractive and popular option.

Because of the popularity of loft conversions, the practicalities of converting your loft have changed somewhat. So let’s take a look at a couple of key areas:


Firstly, getting permission to convert the loft from your planning officer is now easier than ever before. Due to the thousands of planning applications for loft conversions within the UK, there are a whole new set of precedents in place, making it far simpler to get the sign off on the project. Take a look around your local area – and just see how many loft conversions you can spot. Don’t be shy by even calling in on a neighbour to ask to see what they did. This can give you ideas, inspire you – and can also give you a better understanding of what is and isn’t doable for your own project planning.


Costs for loft conversions have also reduced – and many building companies now offer fixed price solutions for loft conversions. Coupled with the fact that people’s confidence has grown so that more and more DIY enthusiasts are getting involved in the smaller scale DIY loft conversion project themselves, loft conversions can now transform a property and your living space without breaking the bank.  And if you consider the costs of moving – then renovating is often the better investment.

The case for ‘moving up’ when considering how to create more space in your house has never looked as appealing as it is today. Before you think about changing your home in other ways to facilitate space, be sure to explore whether the often wasted space at the top of your home could be the solution.



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