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A Lack Of Loft Storage Space Needn’t Mean Clutter Chaos

For homeowners who need additional living space, but are finding it too impracticable or expensive to move up the housing ladder, a loft conversion could be the ideal solution.


After their new rooms are completed, many of our clients are surprised at how they ever managed without the extra space. But that doesn’t mean you need a huge warehouse loft to benefit from a conversion. If your loft room makes the most of the space available, it can feel ten times the size it actually is.

The best way to do this is to use clever storage solutions, such as stackable shelving systems and space-saving furniture. We’ve put together a list of some of the most ingenious loft room storage ideas that we’ve seen over the years:

Make use of your shelving

Shelving units (and even individual shelves) should not be used simply for decoration. There are a number of great customisable systems out there to suit a range of ceiling heights and storage requirements. Some feature doors, drawers or baskets, while others are simple rack systems. Many of them are interlocking and can be fixed together to create larger units, if necessary.

If it can go on the wall, keep it on the wall

We are so used to seeing flat screen televisions fixed to walls that it’s a bit of a shock when you see just how much extra space they take up when they are kept on top of a unit, cabinet or side table.  Clocks, mirrors, telephones and many other accessories can all be wall mounted. If they can go on the wall, keep them on the wall.

Folding partitions and curtains

If the room décor allows, folding partition screens and curtains can be a great way to hide storage units. This allows you to put all of those little nooks and crannies (which often make loft storage tricky and impractical) to good use, without sharing the clutter with your visitors!

Custom-made furniture

Custom-made desks and other furniture are often a lot more affordable than they sound. Rather than losing a corner of your new loft room office, why not use it to house a three-sided desk? The same applies to cupboards and storage units: many are available with triangular or rounded bases for use in awkward corner spaces.

Bed, seat and table storage

Open-top beds, seating units and tables are far from new ideas, but they really come into their own when used in a loft room. It’s surprising just how much you can fit inside them, and they are the ideal storage places for bedding, cushions, books and DVDs.

Stackable storage

When people hear ‘stackable storage’, they probably think of beaten-up plastic boxes stacked up high, teetering on the verge of collapse. But that’s not the kind of thing we mean. Stackable storage, when used well, can blend seamlessly with the rest of a well-designed room. Matching your stackable storage to the colour of walls (or wallpaper patterns) can really help to create a consistent feel throughout the room.

Folding desk beds

Folding desk beds are growing in popularity. The expensive, unstable contraptions that we’re used to seeing in teenage bedrooms are becoming a thing of the past. These new desk beds provide the ideal space for students, and can even turn your small loft into a space that can be rented out as a studio apartment for single occupants. They are clever but practical – the desk folds down underneath the single bed and then folds up again (with everything still in place) when needed. They are the ultimate no-fuss, space-saving solution.

Hopefully this short guide has given you some inspiration for your own loft. It’s amazing what you can do with even the smallest of spaces, when you use the right storage solution. At Herts & Essex Lofts we offer a free, no-obligation valuation to all new clients. So if you live in one of the areas listed on our website, give us a call on 01279 654 716 or get in touch via our short contact form.  We look forward to hearing how you will transform your unused space.



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