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Guest Blog: Creating More Space in Your Home

From a friend or partner moving in, to the arrival of a new-born into one’s home, there are a variety of different ways in which we might want more space in our homes. However, not all of us can afford extensions or a new home whenever we need more space in our lives – but don’t worry, there are ways of creating more space in the home without physically increasing its size or making any other drastic changes.

Storage Tricks


Space within the home can be increased both physically and through the use of visual manipulations. We’ll begin with tips that actually increase space, and not just seemingly so, since a physical increase of space is most effective.

Adding shelves to existing fixtures is an obvious way of creating space; you should really think about making the most of this space and get creative with it – think about the different ways you can be decorating and experimenting with your shelves.

It’s the littlest of things that can make a huge difference, start thinking about working with height or filling up that empty corner space. These are particularly important, as you don’t want heaps of stuff piling up on the floor – and having the perfect shelving system will easily solve this problem by taking advantage of every available space!


Large window in bedroom

Lighting is a fantastic way of making your home seem bigger without making any actual physical changes. Try using light up high ceilings as they often say that the brighter a room is, the bigger it will seem. Therefore it’s best to have as much natural light seeping throughout your home as possible.

Furthermore, though lamps physically take up space, their light can also make a room seem bigger than it is. Certain brands such as the Artemide range can manipulate lighting within your home to make it seem more spacious can also be done through the adoption of certain colours throughout your home. Certain colours will make your room seem smaller, whilst others will make it seem bigger.

Focal Points

Soggiorno con aria condizionata

When it comes to your living room, a great way of making it seem more spacious than it actually is can be done through creating a focal point within it. Designing your living room around a focal point creates an illusion of space.

There are a number of things you can turn into the focal point of your living room, from your television, to a piece of furniture or even a fireplace. It can also be achieved through concentrating natural or artificial lighting on it.

In essence, a room that seems chaotic is one that seems small and not spacious. A focal point brings order and unity into a living room, which will inevitably work to make it seem more spacious.

Small Room Large Furniture

Just because your room is small, it doesn’t mean that you must have small furniture within it. Large furniture can work just as well in a small room – and sometimes even better – depending on its layout and design.

Wandering Eyes

If a room makes eyes wander to its edges, it will seem smaller than it actually is. Try a variety of different techniques to ensure this does not happen by attempting to soften the edges – placing a picture in the centre of a wall.

The spots in which you place your furniture throughout your living room will increase the utilisation of space to similar effects. For instance, if you place furniture away from walls, you will show up more floor space and stop eyes from wandering to corners. This will inevitably make the room seem bigger.

So what are you waiting for – get creative with the space in your home!

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