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A Home Full Of Small Space Surprises

We came across an article via House Beautiful magazine which talked about one of the tiniest ever homes – this one was called the ‘lucky penny home.’

This house is full of small space surprises!

“The owner has done extremely well in making her 100-square-foot home downright adorable through her design choices that suit her small space – she’s also introduced tons of space maximising tricks!”

small home

This got us thinking – are you someone who is suffering from the small space at home? How do you plan to make the most of that small space?

  • Start making the most of your vertical space.

Don’t let vertical space go to waste! Think cleverly about what you use for these spaces; artwork is great for drawing the eye to parts of the room you’re looking to accentuate. You should also consider putting a tall thin bookcase in place; all you have to do is start thinking creatively.

  • Don’t compact too much furniture in one room.

Watch your furniture scale. A small room may not fit as much as you’d like it do – you can make a compact room feel much bigger by choosing a few large, bold pieces rather than several smaller ones. By removing all those smaller pieces of furniture, you’ll not only increase the floor space, but you’ll reduce the clutter too.

  • Awkward spaces? No problem!

Complex arrangements such as curved window areas and slanted ceilings call for some clever storage solutions. It all comes down to choosing the right piece of furniture that is going to make the most of that space and beat those odd angles with elegance

So don’t let the small space in your home put you off designing it the way you wanted. All you have to do is work around those little niggles and you’ll be making the most out of the space in your home in no time!



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