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Your Questions – Answered! How Much Weight Can The Shelfstore System Hold?

In series of blogs we’re hosting we’re making sure that your most popular questions about Shelfstore are getting answered in the simplest way possible. Today’s question is:

How much weight can the Shelfstore system hold?

At Shelfstore we take great pride of our products and have built up a solid reputation as suppliers of furniture systems for home offices, home libraries, bedrooms and kids’ rooms as well as schools, universities and shops.

As you can imagine the things one might put on shelves in these rooms are pretty heavy- therefore we made sure that we designed a system to provide a storage solution for everything and anything. That’s right, no matter what items you’re planning to store on your shelves whether it’s your favourite paperbacks, your DVD collection, Dad’s vinyl record collections and even larger and heavier items!

The Answer: Each of our shelves will carry 100kg+

But what creates the strength?

Our wood is grown in northern Scandinavia, which produces a tight ring growth; we then engineer and finish the shelves, adding further strength. Not only this, but we have a very unique support method – let us take you through the steps:

There are holes where the shelf supports the fit…

image to share 1


Steel shelf supports fit diagonally into the upright hols and the groove under each shelf. This means that the heavier the load, the more stable the shelf!

image to share 2


Each of our shelves can hold up to 100kg+ – as you can see, they can definitely stand the test of time.

image to share3

There you have it – now you can purchase your new shelving system without a second thought!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via Twitter or alternatively you can call us on 01628 782 642.



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