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Unusual spaces that don’t have to be awkward

By now, you should be aware of the many advantages of the Shelfstore system – but have you considered the many things you can do with our shelving?

We’re hosting a series of blogs which will help demonstrate the many advantages that Shelfstore brings and how you can get creative with it.

When we say ‘creative’ we don’t mean display wise – but what you can do with the shelves themselves to make the most of your space and meet your design requirements.

Take a look around your bedroom, living room or study for instance…

Can you spot a small awkward space crying out for a storage unit?

You may think that sloped ceilings and awkward spaces are too difficult to work with, but don’t be baffled. Embrace the awkwardness of these spaces – you’ll soon find that with the right furniture, you’ll have the power to make the most of the dead space.

Now is the time to go off the shelf with your storage and beat those odd angles with elegance. Shelfstore can help you make the most of these spaces – just be sure to plan your shelving so that they make use of the eaves stating with low level shelves, bookcases or cupboards. Then with the rest of the space try to get your shelves as high as possible to really reach to your storage potential. This was a challenge that one of our customers had and as you can see in the picture below Shelfstore gave them a solution…

sloped shelves

With our system, you’ll not only have the perfect storage that offers both modular shelving to make the most of your space, but you’ll also have the ideal system to suit your personal taste.



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