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All you need to know about the design-your-own Shelfstore “Straight lines don’t go out of fashion”! (Part 1)

FAQs p & j1. How long has Shelfstore been in business?

Since 1979.

2. When was the system designed?

The system was designed in Sweden 1949, and has stood the test of time, thanks to its clean simple lines.

3. What material is the Shelfstore system made of?

All components* are constructed from solid strong pine, finely sanded with a tough clear varnish. (*with the exception on back boards which are unvarnished).

4. How strong are the shelves?

Each shelf will carry 100kg+

5. What creates the strength?

The wood is grown in northern Scandinavia, which produces a tight ring growth; Shelfstore then engineers and finishes the shelves, adding further strength. Only high quality metal support is used, ensuring an unrivalled long-term sturdiness. See this video

6. Where is the Shelfstore system used?

The system is used in all domestic and commercial applications.

7. Can I add to the system?

Yes, you can add more shelves at any time or add-on extra bays to your shelving arrangement.

8. Can I paint the system?

Yes, by keying the surface, with fine grade wire wool, the wood can then be painted over. You do not need to remove the varnish.

9. Can I add doors and drawers to my shelving?

Yes you can add doors, drawers and lots more including desks, table tops, Corner shelves and lots more.

10. What is the delivery time?

Between 1-3 days. You are also able to choose your preferred delivery date at stage 2 of the checkout.

11. Can I wall-mount a shelving unit(s)?

No, the Shelfstore shelving system is floor standing only. Note: wall attachments are designed to anchor floor standing units to the wall. See video

12. How easy is it to move a shelf?

It takes just a few seconds to adjust a shelf. All shelves (including the top and bottom shelves) are adjustable every 5th cm. See this video

13. Can my arrangement be moved/changed later?

Yes; it is easy to take apart and rearrange.

 14. Do I need a top/bottom shelf?

No, your top/bottom shelf can start anywhere!

 15. How many shelves should I have?

You choose the number of shelves based on your requirements.

16. Is a fascia necessary?

No, you choose. A fascia fills the gap between the floor and the first shelf.

 17. Why is an unvarnished infill available?

The unvarnished infill is made from pine ply and unvarnished solid wood; it is used when the shelving system is being located in an area where an aesthetically pleasing look is not so important, e.g. archive/basement/school shelving. Unvarnished infills are approximately half the price of varnished infills.

18. Do I need to use a backboard or cross brace?

No, the simplest way to stabilise a shelving unit/s is to use wall attachments.

For further information on Shelfstore, please visit or call 01628 78 26 42.



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