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Need More Space But Don’t Want To Move House? Look Up!

Are you running out of space at home and need a way to find more? You could of course consider moving house, but that may well be unappealing as it is an expensive option. You could however look at your present home to see what options are available. Building an extension is one way, but again would require substantial investment and you may not have enough space to do this. Another alternative would be to look up and develop your loft space.

Your loft or attic may currently be used for storage, and while that is very useful, it’s not much good if you need more living space. By converting an otherwise forgotten part of your home, you could create a whole new room – bedroom, home office or den – and by doing so you could also add value to your property.

Whatever type of loft conversion you choose to have, you will probably end up with sloping walls somewhere, which will require some imagination and planning when it comes to creating storage to make the most of the space available and to give you what you need.


You could opt for bespoke built-in storage units, or you could choose to create your own storage system using modular units. These can provide shelving, cupboard, drawer and desk options and can also give you the flexibility of being able to add additional units should you need more storage later on. By designing a practical solution, which will ensure you have enough of the right storage system for the loft room, you can keep clutter to a minimum.


If you are looking for inspiration and ideas on how you can create different looks and storage solutions using Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving, doors, drawers and desks, which can be designed around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space, why not take a look at our blog – you’ll find plenty of topics of interest.

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