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Is Your Shed Kitted Out for Summer?

It’s Summer Time! A time where you’ll find yourselves going in and out of the shed looking for those gardening tools, paddling pools and deckchairs.

Garden shedBut when you’re going in and out of your shed, can you always find what you’re looking

Over the years, your garden shed gets piled high with stuff for the garden (well not just
garden stuff if we’re honest) and after a short while we look at the mounds of stuff that inhabits our shed and consider the task of tidying it up just too mammoth a task to tackle.

Sound familiar?

If you’re going to get anything done around the outside of the house and in your gardens this summer, there really is one solution – reorganise the shed and turn it into an ideal storage space.

Organisational tips to help you get your shed organised in time summer:

  • Get Rid of Items You No Longer Need

The first signs of summer will become your regular reminder that it’s time to empty your garden shed, clean it and then reorganise it.

The easiest way to do this is to throw all unwanted items away and resist the temptation to put them back in the shed – if you do put them back in the shed, they’ll more than likely still be there the following year!

  • Organise for Maximised Space

Think about shelving! Shelves can be useful to store smaller items and the things you use regularly, like gardening tools. Put shelves up on the walls for maximum surface area.

Tip: Adjustable shelves give flexibility to hold the range of different items you’d normally store in your shed – so be sure to purchase some sort of versatile shelving system. If you’re worried about making your shelving look presentable you can always go the extra mile and get a little creative with shelving.

  • Sort Items Into Zones of Priority

Keep things that are similar together so that they’re easier to find. Put often used gardening hand tools and watering cans together – perhaps on a handy shelf. Heavier items store in the very back corners.

Tip: Think about the locations of items – this is determined by how often items need to be accessed and (if you have kids) with child safety in mind!

Follow these shed tidy-up tips to create a well organised shed for your summer – and for future, don’t just put things down where you feel is necessary, stick to how you’ve organised your shed and that way you won’t lose anything again.

There’s no doubt about it, a well organised shed can save you time, energy, and money: You won’t waste 10 minutes looking for those hand tools with these steps!

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