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The Top 10 things That Devalue Your Home

In the process of selling your home? Preparing to put it on the market?

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A member of our team was scrolling through our Twitter feed this morning and stumbled across an interesting link to the Telegraph – the article shares insights on  the ‘Top 10 things that devalue your home.’


The article outlines ten aspects in and outside the home that will actively knock significant value off your property. Nestled among the obvious – wind farms, noisy neighbours and electricity pylons is something we might consider to be trivial, but has been proven as a costly error …

…Cluttered children’s bedrooms

Children are expensive enough – without knocking off precious value to your property! A cluttered bedroom is a resolvable issue, much easier than removing a noisy neighbour or an entire wind farm.

Clutter is the result of bad organisation, so here are our tips to get your kids bedroom clutter free and organised.

  • Build or buy a desk

As children progress through their scholastic career, a desk becomes a necessity. Having a desk to store files, homework and loose paper will instantly free up other household areas that become dumping grounds for school ‘stuff’

  • Attend a car boot/jumble sale

Once you start sifting through the mountains of outgrown clothes, unused toys and books you’ll find that you’ve got plenty to sell. Halving the clutter is a good starting block before you go about reorganising the remaining goods.

  • Shelving

Getting a good set of shelves is a great way to get items off the floor and into an organised storage system. Make the most of your shelves – Shelfstore create shelving that will utilise space over the bed for storage, build-in a vanity unit (great for teenage girls) and get books and files into proper storage space.

That’s it – get decluttering your child’s room – and add value to your home.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space

Source – The Telegraph





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