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How To Make Moving In Together Easy

Its part of almost every adult’s life – you meet someone who you’re ready to take that next huge step with – moving in together. Once you and your partner have decided to take the leap and move in, you then need to consider that there’s a lot more to it than just moving your stuff into a new place.

You’ll need to prepare yourself for minor obstacles and makes some big decisions together like finding a new place, sorting through your stuff to decide what stays and what goes, as well as getting yourselves mentally prepared to share a space with each other 24/7.

In order to get yourselves prepared, we’ve collected some practical tips that might help make the move a little easier. So before you start cruising rental apartment ads – be sure to take a look at our tips:

Consider What You Need And Don’t Need

So much about moving is about the stuff in our lives – but before moving in together, it’s smart to make sure you both aren’t moving unnecessary items in as you’re more than likely to find things that are duplicated between you both. Consider looking at the stuff in both of your homes first, and figure out what you have, what your keeping, what you’re selling before the move. You should also be even when you’re both getting rid and keeping your own personal items – it’s about compromise from both parties.

Remember everything you keep adds to the cost of your move and the amount of square footage you’ll need in the new space – so try to compromise as much as possible!

Make A Furniture Plan

Don’t just meld two households full of stuff into one tiny space and just hope that it’ll work. Make a list of what each person has and then decide which items are best for the new place. If neither of you has the right pieces for the right place, consider selling an item and purchasing a more compatible piece for the small space you have.

Once you’ve done this you can then plan ahead to create a furniture plan – an intentional spot for every piece – that makes the most sense for maximising space as well as looking good in your new home. Don’t be afraid to go nuts with those proven design tricks that can visually expand a space e.g. using light colours in every room and perfectly placing mirrors to reflect more light etc. It’s these small details that can make a big impact.

Have The Right Kind Of Storage In Place

You need to be willing to share storage space – along with tricks that make a small space feel bigger, there are also tricks for squeezing more storage space in a small home and you’ll want to take advantage of this as soon as you move in!

Knowing how to properly store all your items is essential – you should attempt to maximise the amount of storage space you have by using shelves that make use of your empty wall space as well as filling those awkward angles with small cupboards – giving you some extra storage space to really make the most out of.

Having a customised wardrobe is also a great way to personalise a shared space – just make sure that each of you has half of that space and then choose the compartments you want and need.

Establish Some Ground Rules

Once you’ve shared a living space together, you’re inevitably going to discover that the way you are used to living may not be completely compatible with the way your partner is. It may be a good idea to confront each other about the things you like doing differently at the start of this journey – much like dealing with finances, you need to find a way to make your lifestyles mesh as smoothly as possible.

Be sure to also establish who’s responsible for which aspect of the housework. Splitting up the chores in advance means that you can ensure that neither of you is doing more than the other.


If you’re going to both be happy and feel comfortable in your new apartment, you have to make sure you both have a mutual sense of ownership…

So we hope you consider our tips and make sure that your home blends both of your personalities rather than one dominant theme with the occasional hint that maybe somebody else lives there too.



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