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6 Ways to Make the Most of the Storage Space in Your Home

Do you sometimes feel that the walls are closing in on you? Perhaps your knickknack collection has mysteriously multiplied and has taken over your living room space – seemingly overnight?

Whatever the reason, no matter how generous your home’s square footage, chances are at some point the stuff in your home will start to build up and you’ll begin to feel that your rooms appear smaller than they actually are!

The good news is there is a way around it…

Try to maximise every inch of space with some unique and creative shelving tips this will also increase storage and enhance your entire design scheme.

No matter what size the space is, it can always benefit from more storage – especially small spaces.

Here are 6 creative ways you can use shelving to help you add much needed storage to a small space. They work great in larger spaces too…

6 ways to reclaim your living space using shelving:

  1. To-the-Ceiling Storage

If lack of storage space is contributing to the overcrowded look of your home, then banish the clutter by moving upwards and taking advantage of vertical spaces.

Tip: Installing shelving will make use of this unusable space – use open shelving to store miscellaneous items and make it part of a decorating scheme so that they’ll look great as well as emphasising the height of your room!

2.  Make Use of Walls

In small rooms, plain walls can be a waste of valuable storage space – consider adding shallow shelves that can be used as bookshelves or DVD or CD storage.

Tip: Make sure the shelves go from floor to ceiling to get the most use out of the space and don’t forget to utilise those corners!

3.   Eye-Catching Display Space

Add small shelves near the ceiling to maximize display space – not only do they make it easy to keep fragile items out of harm’s way but they draw the eye up, making the room seem taller.

4.   Cubby Space

Bookshelves in a side alcove are a great way to utilise awkward wall space for additional storage. A design like this, some simple horizontal shelves, creates a perfect space to store and display collections in a creative, useful and eye-catching way.

5.   Under the Stairs

The open space under a staircase is the perfect place to add a small shelving unit. The otherwise awkward space can be ideal storage, either for shoes, PE kits, cleaning or other household goods – or alternatively as a place to display knick-knacks or ornaments. Made-to-measure shelving can fit right under the stair slope, creating a tailored look.

6.   Wraparound Unit

Build a customised shelving unit around a kitchen column or around a doorway – these shelves will provide a lot of extra storage whilst also creating a smart design element.

Tip: Use open shelving to visually expand the room and make them creative by storing items in decorative baskets neatly displayed on the shelves.

More useful tips for you to make your home seem bigger and more expansive is to use things like mirrors, and avoid creating piles in corners and make sure you’re using your shelves efficiently!

We hope these tips have been helpful for you – and remember that Shelfstore can help with shelving made to fit even the most awkward of spaces. Shelving and storage solutions tailored to your ideas and needs – in any size, to fit your space. Start designing the ideal solution for your home using our simple and easy to use design wizard. It’s fun!

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space

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