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3 Ways Retailers Can Start Preparing for Summer

summer timeeIts summertime – a time were your retail business needs to be ready for both the demands of your customers and having the right marketing in place at this time of year. So start sprucing up your marketing and display efforts to get the most out of your sales this summer.

This is an integral part of every retailer’s job – and when carried out successfully, it will drive sales consistently whilst also providing customers with the relevant service – delivering what they need, when they need it.

So be sure to get all of your retail staff prepared for the big summer time push with our 3 creative tips:

  • Seasonality is Not Just Restricted to Christmas 

When displaying in your shop at special times of the year, it’s important to keep in mind that Christmas is not the only profitable shopping period of the year – keep an open mind and think about what you could be doing at other times of the year.

Try to get into the mind of your customers and think about what they’re going to want at this time of year. With a little creative thinking you have the potential to boost sales throughout the retail calendar.

  • Have the Right Storage In Place

For a retail outlet to do well – presentation is key! Your aim should be to have the proper storage in place so you can showcase your products at best you can. Not only do you want to make it simple for your customer to come in and find what it is their looking for, but you want to be able to attract them to new products as well.

  • Be Sensitive to Factor That Can Change Customer Behaviour  

Shopping patterns are often predictable up to a point; however there are some circumstances that can skew expected trends in new direction – the main reason being the weather.

With summer coming up – retail outlets are expected to sell outdoor type things for everyone to enjoy in the sunny period. However if we’re unlucky and are in for a cold summer, then customers are going to turn to other products. Therefore as a retail outlet its best practice to be prepared for the changes in customer behaviours.

We hope you consider these factors as they are the key to a successful summer ahead. And remember that keeping in touch with your customer behaviours at this time of year will ultimately decide the success of any campaign.

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

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