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3 Ways Practical Storage in your Office or Home Helps to Stress Bust

Paperless office – we think not

Although the world is becoming digitally dependant, you still don’t go a full day in the office without hearing the whirr of a printer. The printed word is very much still alive – cluttering up our offices and desktops on a daily basis. Computers crash, files become corrupted or lost – and as a result, people still like to have the security of a printed version. Archiving all this information and shelving it practically is still  something that every office and home study has to consider.

We don’t all like to digitally archive our most important of documents, and so creating a purpose built shelving system to help us keep everything in order can be such a time and stress saver.

Time is of the essence

‘There aren’t enough hours in the day’ or ‘is that the time?’ Are two phrases you’ll frequently hear branded around any office. We all feel that time is precious, everything seems to be done in a rush and when jobs take longer than they should, frustration and anger tends to raise its ugly head.

A well organised storage solution will help to minimise stress in an office, something we’d like to help you do! If your office shelving is organised well and filed neatly, locating that document you require in an instant should become a reality and save you having to blow your top.

Home offices are on the rise

In this day and age a lot of our work is accessible from any room that contains a computer. As a result, many of us are finding that an office at home is a necessity. With home offices intruding into our striving to be ‘clutter free homes’, it’s imperative that we create storage solutions that are not only practical but fit in with our home environment.

Available space is often a key issue with a home office – so having versatile shelving systems is a must.

Shelfstore storage solutions provides flexible storage solutions – which definitely keep your stress levels on an even keel. Desks come  in many sizes, slide-away keyboard shelves, hanging file drawers, cupboards, shelves, drawers and folding tables – all brought together in an arrangement to fit both your needs and space. Tailored to even the most awkward of spaces.  A definite stress buster.

So if you’re thinking about revolutionising your office, Shelfstore could be the answer to all your paper filled prayers!

For more tips and advice on storage solutions, stay tuned to our blog.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space



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