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Storage Solution for Your Loft Conversions

You’ve run out of space in the house (as we all do); whether it’s because the cupboard under the stairs is bursting with all your Christmas decorations or bulky suitcases – we ponder where else to find room to store these and our winter/summer clothes…

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Whatever the items may be, we all struggle in some way to find room in our house for everything!

Fortunately there’s one room that may be the answer to your problems – the loft.

The loft is one of those forgotten spaces that we tend not to think about. If you have a loft that you hardly ever go near, then start thinking about how you can put that wasted space to good use.

Many of us tend to use the loft as a junk space for storing things that never get used and we often just let the clutter pile up. Desks, cots, old furniture, suitcases and Christmas decorations.

Your loft can be a versatile space that can be transformed in a number of different ways – be it an extra bedroom, bathroom or study – the possibilities are endless. But when used correctly it can be most useful as a handy storage space!

So why not bite the bullet and think about moving upwards! Convert your deserted loft space into a new room – new room for storage that is.

It’s the perfect solution to getting more out of your house without needing to sacrifice any other rooms or extending to your garden.

We may worry about the time and cost when transforming the loft – but it really does have its advantages:

  • Increases the value of your home. Making use of the loft space like you would with any other room in the house, will make it feel like part of your home rather than an add-on.


  • Useful storage space. If you think creatively when you plan the storage for your loft conversion – you can utilise this ‘dead’ space and create the perfect storage solution to match your needs.

However, sometimes building storage in the loft can be tricky, especially with the majority of loft conversions having the eaves of the roof squared off. You need to be able to get round and make the most of these awkward spaces to ensure you are maximising storage.

The best way to go about this and be sure not to miss out on any extra storage space is to use shelving.

Use a Shelfstore solution to work your way around those awkward small spaces at the sides of your loft space where there isn’t headroom. Make use of the eaves for low-level shelving, low-level bookcases or cupboards and reach full storage potential!

If you bemoan the fact that your home feels a bit small, it really does make sense that you make use of this space – keep your house feeling like a home and be free from clutter!

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.

Have a go at creating your own shelving system using our easy to use design wizard:



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