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Time To Bring Order To Your Teens Bedroom

Is your teen’s bedroom currently a room of clutter chaos?

There are very few places where a teen can express themselves – and their bedroom tends to be the top choice. Therefore it needs to be versatile enough for them to spread out and this is why if often gets messy so quickly.

So perhaps now is the time to bring some order to your teen’s bedroom either by re-decorating or by getting some sort of system in place to get rid of that clutter once and for all. We’ve put together three simple ideas that all take a big step to a more organised bedroom…

1.      Calmer colour scheme

Choosing a relaxing colour base will always help to make the room feel less busy. It’s much easier to keep your room calm no matter how many colourful books, stationary and game console you add afterwards. A calm setting is also important as it adds to keeping the room less cluttered.

2.      A multi-purpose room

Keep in mind that your teen’s room is so much more than just a sleeping space. It’s a place where they can hang out, study and lounge with friends. You need to consider some creative approaches to meet their multi-purpose room goal.

3.      Storage to grow up with 

It’s important to invest in adaptable pieces of furniture that your kids can use as they grow up. When they’re younger you want a storage unit that is easy for them to reach what they want. But then you also want a system that grows with them as they get older and start to accumulate more ‘stuff’. The beauty about the Shelfstore shelving system is that it is one that you can keep adding too – not matter how much more storage you need, it can easily be added.

There you have it folks – three small ideas that will have a huge impact in tackling the clutter in your teens room. Just remember to combine both functional with your teen’s personality to help create a space they will love for years.



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